52-Week Peso Challenge for All Pinoys

52-Week Peso Challenge for All Pinoys

Saving money sounds easier than actually is. With inflation rising and levels of consumerism beyond control, it can even be more difficult to save money today. In fact, if you really want to save money, you need to create a long-term plan which can be adjusted to your priorities. The best way to do this is to enter the 52-week Peso Challenge.

The 52-week Peso Challenge is a dynamic and flexible template that anyone can use to grow their money. By utilizing the wonder of compound interest, the amount that you’ve saved in the first week will eventually grow. That is, if you follow the rules of the challenge meticulously.

The main rule is simple: in the first week, deposit a fixed amount. Afterwards, you need to deposit a higher amount (double the original) on the succeeding weeks. Always double the previous amount until you reach the 52nd week.

The Primary Goal

Saving money will become a bit easier if you have a primary goal to look forward to. This goal can be anything! If you want to spend the 52-week challenge money into a fancy gadget, you can do so. However, if you are eager to let your money grow consistently, then you should invest it into something worthwhile.

Here are some ideas that can be fueled by your 52-week challenge money:

Small business – Nowadays, starting a small business has become easier. You can find almost countless sources of information online. Before starting a small business, you need to do your research and determine what your target market actually needs.

Investments – With dozens of investment options to choose from, your money will have different means to grow. Just remember that if an investment option is too good to be true, it probably is!

Career equipment – If you are serious about the growth of your career, then you should buy supporting equipment. Freelancers, for example, need high quality Internet connection and audio gear. As much as you can, don’t pick expensive gear right away. Research is your best friend!

Your Secured ‘Do Not Touch’ Stash

The success of your 52-week challenge journey depends on the way you keep the cash. Any container will do, as long as you can’t open it easily. Always keep in mind that your stash cannot be ‘touched’ except for total emergency situations. It will take just a single instance to ruin the whole challenge.

Throughout the challenge, the temptation to withdraw money becomes greater. To counter this temptation, you should open a bank account. BPI and Landbank are excellent options because of their flexible policies. Another alternative is a small vault. This vault is secured enough with a proper lock combination and durable state. Vaults are pricey, so you can consider them as standard investments.

Financial Checkpoints

Since you have to monitor your weekly input for the 52-week challenge, you can definitely see your progress. It’s best to create a spreadsheet and plot out the previous and current amount that you have to settle. By doing so, you will become more determined to finish the challenge. Another method that you can try is the implementation of financial checkpoints. At first glance, this can be daunting but it will let you see the bigger picture.

A financial checkpoint is a specific state in the challenge where you’ve accumulated a desirable amount. For example: 2,000 pesos is a sweet spot for you. By all means, put that as a financial checkpoint. Every time you reach a checkpoint, you should reward yourself. You can try going out with your friends or buying a delicious Frappuccino. If you’re wondering how many checkpoints are necessary, you can begin with five. The bigger the financial goal is, the more checkpoints you can make.

Accountability Partner/s

Perhaps one of the best things that you can do for your 52-week challenge journey is to get an accountability partner. If you’re married, your wife can help you with this. Otherwise, your close friend or a trusted confidante will do. Basically, an accountability partner will partake in your journey and hold you accountable. He or she may also commit to the specified challenge. An accountability partner’s responsibilities include timely reminders of your weekly deposit, financial suggestions, monitoring support, and general empowerment.

Just bear in mind that an accountability partner should not deposit the money for you. The point of the challenge is personal consistency. It’s your challenge, and you must strive hard towards the end. But what if your accountability partner is a ‘joint partner’ of the challenge? Then in that case, you and your partner must lay down the rules.

Increment Strategies

The main factor which will hinder your progress in the 52-week challenge is an excuse-driven mentality. Unlike other saving techniques, the 52-week challenge is all about flexibility. You can pick any base amount and work your way from there.

Here are some incrementing amounts and strategies that you can try:

1-Peso Template

Yes, it’s possible to start the challenge with a one peso coin! Under this template, you will have an easy time accomplishing the challenge. At the end of the 52nd week, you’ll have enough money to fund your basic groceries.

5-Peso Template

This is the traditional starting point for many Filipinos who want to partake in the 52-week challenge. You just need to start with 5 pesos and increase the savings based on that amount. It’s easier to track this increment strategy if you have a spreadsheet or a print-out. As for pacing, you might encounter a steep curve on the later parts of the challenge. But that’s part of the thrill!

20-Peso Template

Do you want to speed up the challenge? Well, you can’t do anything about the progression of time, but you control the increments. Start of your 52-week challenge journey with 20 pesos and you will have a basic travel budget at the end of the year!

100-Peso Template

Are you ready to up the ante? By all means, drop 100 pesos into your starting account! This increment strategy is meant for solid hustlers who like to win big. If you’re successful with this 100-Peso strategy, you might even have a capital for your next small business idea.


Because of the 52-week Challenge’s easy entry barrier, it has become more popular over the years. Just remember that this challenge will get more difficult as the weeks go by. Wing it out! At the end of the challenge, you will have stipend cash that you can spend or reinvest in a business that you own. Start now!

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