Top 12 Business Ideas That You Can Start with 50,000 Pesos Capital

Top 12 Business Ideas That You Can Start with 50,000 Pesos Capital

Starting a business in the Philippines is not a difficult thing to do. You just need to have a startup capital and a definite ‘will of iron.’

Right now, the advisable capital is around 50,000 pesos. With this capital, you can have different choices.

Here are some profitable business ideas under a 50k capital:

Pig Breeding

If you have a spacious residential lot and you live in the province, then you should try starting a pig breeding business. Start with a few piglets, buy your initial feeds, and commit to the daily grind.

You may need an extra hand if you are busy with work and any other things. It’s advisable to have a large capital (beyond 50k) so that you can prepare for unexpected situations.

Pro Tip: Pig breeding is a very delicate business. You must start small and build the business over time. In this way, you can manage potential losses easily.

Fashion & Beauty Shop

With the growing popularity of online shops, many Filipinos have gained access to high quality fashion and beauty products. Now is the perfect time to build a fashion and beauty shop that will feature dozens of products for customers.

If this is the type of business that you want to establish, you need to be aware of popular beauty brands in the country. A simple Internet research will do. Also, you can benefit from having many friends.

Pro Tip: Always double-check and triple-check reviews! It’s better to see if a beauty product is not par to safety standards rather than risk your integrity.

Wholesale Rice, Grains & Feeds

Any Filipino household needs rice. This means that the demand for rice will barely go down.

Conversely, the same notion can be said about grains and feeds. If you want to build a rice and feeds wholesale business, then you just need a location that can be freely accessed by many residents.

Pro Tip: Observe your location properly. There might be competition a few blocks away, so you need to adjust your prices.

Roast Pig (Lechon) Shop

Who doesn’t love the juiciness and crispiness of roast pig or lechon? A major mainstay in fiestas and large celebrations, roasted pigs can make anyone excited and hungry at the same time.

You can enter this business by putting up your own lechon shop.

Take note that you don’t have to breed the pigs (this will push your expenses higher!). You can purchase the pigs from a local provider and focus your business on the process of roasting them for clients.

A 50k capital is acceptable enough for a lechon shop, but you can invest higher amounts for a greater leeway.

Pro Tip: You need to have absolute trust on your pig provider. Or better yet – you need to understand the pig market on a greater scale. This avoids unnecessary price spikes that can drain your finances.

Internet Café

Common in any Filipino barangay nowadays, Internet cafes are simple havens for gamers and anyone who needs to use a computer immediately.

With a 50k capital, you can start a small Internet café with basic computers, equipment, and a high speed Internet connection.

Pro Tip: Pisonet devices are great additions to your café, but you shouldn’t focus on them alone. A few starting units will do, and you can use them primarily for gaming.

Gadget & Electrical Repair

Everyone owns a gadget or at least one electrical device. Since devices are meant to break down over time, gadget and electrical repair services will always have demand.

If you want to enter this business, you just need a specific location and a complete set of repair equipment. You don’t have to worry too much about manpower at this point.

As long as your repair skills are dependable, people will put their trust on you.

Pro Tip: You may think that local gadget repair services don’t need sophisticated marketing efforts. This is lopsided thinking! By establishing a local business presence, people will see the value of your expertise. Sooner or later, you will gain more service requests.

On-Call Auto Repair

Building a contained auto repair shop is one thing, but implementing an on-call process is a different factor. On-call auto repair is a helpful auto repair service that deals with emergency situations.

If a car breaks down on the middle of the highway, your on-call auto repair service will provide help. To start this business, you need to sink your capital onto equipment and tools. Marketing will come afterwards.

Pro Tip: Word of mouth marketing is your bread and butter. In your location, your on-call auto repair business should be the one that people should reach out to.

Cable Installation Consulting

The creative Filipino entrepreneur will always find options to make money. Traditional businesses are great options, but you can still make money with non-traditional businesses.

If you know your way around cables, for example, you can launch a cable installation consulting business. Different cables require solid experience, and not everyone can run proper installation methods.

As a cable installation consultant, you know where the big and small cables go. More importantly, you have the best tools for the job.

Pro Tip: Always invest in spare parts. You never know when you’ll need that extra cable or connector!

Handyman Service

Are you good with tools or projects involving your hands? Then you should launch a handyman business! Every homeowner will face home damage problems from time to time.

Therefore, your handyman business should respond to such problems. Just like other technical services, a huge portion of your capital will be spent on tools and equipment.

Pro Tip: Be wary of ordering tools and equipment online. It’s better if you can visit aftermarkets in person so that you can assess the quality of the products. You should also manage your finances properly so that you can adjust from one handyman project to another easily.

Professional Tutorial

Do you have a skill that you’re really, really good at? If you answered yes, then you can try launching a professional tutorial business.

With 50,000 pesos, you’ll be more than equipped to do continuous tutorial sessions in your area.

Perhaps you can even expand to other cities and provinces!

Some of the tutorial sessions that you can offer are academics, web development, general Internet awareness, web design, graphics design, freelance writing, speed reading, ethical hacking (great for companies), IT support, BPO preparedness, practical skills, electronics & electrical repair, and salesmanship.

A tutorial business is one of the most flexible and easily scalable businesses that you can start with little upkeep.

Pro Tip: Since a 50k capital is big enough for a professional tutorial business, you will have a larger wiggle room. Most of your expenses will go to personal branding, marketing, website creation, and miscellaneous stuff.

Membership Forum

Membership forums have been around for more than a decade. But it doesn’t mean that they already lost flavor!

Nowadays, membership forums are gaining a wave of comeback across different niches like health, business, and even dating.

It’s rather easy to start a membership forum. You just need to purchase a domain and other necessities related to building a site.

The real hard work will set in once you’ve started managing and growing your forum. To earn profits, you need to have an acceptable membership system.

Figure out what works best for your members and determine the hooks that will pull them deeper to your forum.

If you pull it right, the members themselves can bring in other people and your forum will grow beyond expectations.

You can now add better products like e-courses, case studies, and audiobooks.

Pro Tip: As your forum continues to grow, you may need the support of automation tools. These tools can help you send mass emails, generate data reports, and automate the creation of content. Just keep in mind that the best automation tools will set you back by thousands of pesos per month.

DIY Parts Selling

Filipinos are naturally creative – just take a look at local handicrafts made by artisans. If you have a knack for arts and crafts, then you should consider a DIY parts shop/business.

The real focus of this business idea is the process of selling parts and accessories.

Think of it this way: scrapbook makers probably need affordable and fascinating cut-outs that they can order anytime. By fulfilling this need, you can build a thriving DIY parts business.

It’s very likely that your capital will go to printing & design equipment, extra tools, extra manpower, marketing efforts, and shipping.

Pro Tip: Before starting this type of business, you need to figure out what sets you apart from large DIY companies. Do you have a more reliable pricing option? Or perhaps your choices of accessories are greater than what the market offers? Spend time on your USP or unique selling proposition and your DIY parts business will have remarkable potential.

Final Words

Now that you’re aware of the best business ideas that can be implemented with a 50k capital, you should take action.

Commit to a proper research process, ask the opinions of other businesspeople, and turn your business idea into reality!

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