Best Home-Based Business Ideas in Philippines This 2019 – A Full Guide

Best Home-Based Business Ideas in Philippines This 2019 – A Full Guide

The Internet has paved the way for the growth of many businesses in the Philippines. While traditional Filipino businesses are still the ‘go-to’ options of many investors and people with disposable capital, home-based businesses carved a macro-niche of their own.

In fact, home-based businesses have earned millions since 2017 or perhaps even earlier. Truly, a wise Filipino businessperson won’t ignore the thriving state of home-based businesses.

Why Home-Based Businesses Are More Feasible?

Despite the popularity of home-based businesses in the Philippines, many Filipinos are still on the fence.

One factor which contributes to this mass doubt is the prevalence of pyramid scams, Ponzi schemes, and other shenanigans that are too good to be true.

If you want to experience the financial stability offered by home-based businesses, you need to step ahead from the reality of ‘get rich quick’ schemes.

Starting a home-based business sounds nice, but it’s not easy and it won’t turn you into a millionaire overnight.

It’s better to focus on the reasons why home-based businesses are more feasible than traditional businesses. Basically, if your business is run from home with the help of the Internet, you don’t need to worry about physical storage fees and rental concerns.

You just need to ensure that your rent and bills are properly settled every month. Of course, the situation varies on the nature of your home-based business, but you will get an easier start compared with traditional businesses.

Now that you know about the positive points of home-based businesses, you should take a look at these popular home-based businesses in Philippines:

General VA Services

All over the world, hundreds of businesses and companies compete against each other. Most of them have cornered their own niches and they face numerous challenges.

In order for a company to become successful, it must reduce costs and increase operational value. The best way to do this is to hire a General Virtual Assistant or VA.

A VA’s goal is to provide assistance in many ways like organizing CEO’s activities, tracking events, outbound calling, social media management, content creation, and other related tasks.

Many business owners prefer Filipino Virtual Assistants because of their sense of professionalism, respect, and dignity. While you can jump into the VA bandwagon anytime, it’s better to approach the trade with an entrepreneurial mindset.

How to Start A Virtual Assistance Business?

Starting a VA business is relatively easy – you just need to prepare your equipment and take note of several strategies. Starter VA equipment consists of a capable laptop, hi-speed Internet, noise-cancelling headset, handy notebooks, and a comfortable desk with chair.

These are some important VA strategies that you have to know:

Research and Learn About Popular VA Tools

A VA who knows and understands many online tools has a remarkably higher chance of getting hired by clients. Therefore, it’s important if you can research about the most popular VA tools and integrate them to your career.

Some tools that you can explore are Trello (task board), Asana (task management), Canva (graphics design), Google apps (i.e. docs, hangouts), Buffer (social media management), Hubstaff (timer), Hubspot (CRM), and Microsoft Office.

You don’t need to emphasize in your CV that you’re aware of many tools. Just pick the ones that you are most proficient with.

Bonus info: You can specialize on a selected tool, thus improving your chance of getting paid more. If you’re a tool expert, clients will invest their trust in your VA service.

Create Your Profiles and Portfolio

One profile is not enough for starting your VA business. You need to branch out and expand in other areas – reasonably. Make profiles in numerous sites and do not forget to improve the quality of your portfolio.

Just bear in mind that this strategy is more effective if you already have experience in the VA sector. If you’re just starting out, you can maximize your time by focusing on less than five sites. Don’t forget to include Facebook in your list of sites!

Hunt for Clients and Set Your Rates Properly

Upon securing your first client, you deserve a pat on the back! But then again, you should ride the tide and look for another client whenever you can.

Client-hunting offers numerous benefits like being keen to details, power networking, deeper communication, and general market awareness. As soon as your VA business gets traction, your list of clients will become more useful than ever.

Also, you need to master the art of setting proper rates. Keep an eye out for the common rates in your circle. After that, try to offer a better rate which will put you ahead of the game.

Remember these tactics in setting your rate:

  • Always negotiate UPWARDS for a better margin
  • Opt for 3-tier pricing to help your clients in their decision-making. Regardless of the chosen tier, you are still a winner.
  • Set your prices with a $.99 range. Example: $19.99 instead of $20. Clients tend to purchase the $.99 service than the $20 one.

Mentor Someone Else

Since you’re starting a VA business, you should prepare for the long stretch. Most Virtual Assistants start with an employee mindset, and this hinders this growth over the years. Be the wiser VA and think about the future of your VA business! The best way to do this is to find someone that you can mentor. If you are successful, this person can become a part of your all-star VA team. In navigating the ocean of success, you’ll have a better shot if you have a team that will help you accomplish client projects.

Top It Off With Personal Branding

A personal branding initiative can go a long way. At first, the branding changes that you will notice are minimal, but they will improve over time.

In your personal branding effort, you might be tempted to purchase tools and software that can help your business. The cold truth is that you don’t need these tools at the beginning.

As your VA business continues to grow, you have to build up its momentum with the help of personal branding tools. Make some noise, as others would put it.

By this stage, you may need the support and expertise of branding strategists and professionals.

Freelance Writing Services

As long as the realm of the cyberspace is still prevalent, there will always be room for words. Almost everyone loves to read, despite the fact that video marketing has increased in demand over the years.

This simply means that freelance writing will never fall out of style. Truth be told, freelance writing is one of the most easiest and lucrative professions in the Web today.

If you have a knack for stringing sentences and thoughts creatively, then you should consider starting a freelance writing business.

A freelance writing business has a lower upkeep than VA services. Your career will survive with a basic laptop, hi-speed Internet, and tons of reading or reference materials. It can be daunting at first because freelance writing is a catch-all phrase for various types of online written content.

Check out the types of written content that you can make:

  • Web articles
  • Longform how-to guides
  • Blog posts & feature articles
  • News items
  • Press releases
  • Sales copy
  • Blogvertorials
  • Landing pages
  • Short stories & eBook
  • Poems
  • Academic papers
  • Tech manuals

Scaling your freelance writing business is also easy. You just need to write more and spread the word. The hurdles that you will face in this type of home-based business are mostly personal.

There are times when the words don’t appear in your mind, or they seem rather hazy. Always remember that you can take a break when the going gets tough.

This will allow your mind to refresh and you can get back to your writing projects afterwards.

Online Buy & Sell

Buy & Sell businesses have been around since time immemorial. You can find these businesses on all walks of life – agricultural, commercial, industrial, tech, and even residential.

Now that almost all buyers and sellers have online access, these online businesses have become more popular than ever.

Think of them as online stores that you can access in just a few clicks of the mouse.

If you want to enter this type of business, you should have some products ready to be distributed.

These can be your own products, your partners’ products, or choices from a warehouse or large distributors. It’s common to see a Facebook online store doing wholesale transactions regularly.

Before making your online store on Facebook, you should consider what sets you apart from thousands of stores out there. You need a concept plan in order to see how your online store will improve over the years.

Once you have enough money, you can sink it into FB Ads and wait for results. Do not settle for FB Ads early unless you have a sizable capital, a competitive product, and an extensive knowledge of FB Marketing strategies.

Better yet – get an FB Ads mentor who can teach you everything from the ground up.


E-commerce is almost the same as an online buy & sell the business, but it is set on a larger scale. You can’t start an e-commerce business with a meager capital – unless you want meager results. Nobody likes that! Always remember that your e-commerce store must be unique and valuable in the eyes of your buyers.

This is where persuasive copywriting enters the frame. You need a good sales copy that will hit your readers’ pain points accurately. Your landing page must be compelling enough to ensure that readers open their wallets and hit the buy button immediately.

Number crunch: The huge bulk of your budget will fall on Ads and marketing. It’s better to start an e-commerce store with a capital of P50,000 and above. The wiggle room will be bigger compared to lower amounts.

Online Consulting & Coaching

If you know that you have a skill that you’ve been honing for more than a decade, then consider yourself an expert (or at least someone competent enough). And as an expert, you need to introduce your arsenal to the hungry market.

Your brain will probably tell you that your skills are not enough. Listen to it, but take action anyway! Thousands of people are paralyzed by inaction and doubts, so don’t join their ranks. The Internet will give you everything that you need to begin as a market consultant.

These are some of the popular niches in consulting:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Sex & Dating
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Technology

Once you have chosen a niche, break it down further. Find a smaller micro-niche filled with problems that need to be answered.

For example: choosing Diabetes reversal niche.

Go deeper and you will probably find ‘Diabetes Reversal for Busy Moms.’ Throw in a key location and you’ll have: ‘Diabetes Reversal for Busy Moms in Manila.’ Now, that’s a small pond that you can rule on.

But what about coaching? Consulting is different from coaching in a way that it measures results and number crunches. It’s all about data. Coaching, on the other hand, has a metaphysical approach.

To become a successful coach, you need to fully understand your client and work with him or her. Working on data alone will achieve minimal results. Sometimes, you can mix consulting and coaching services.

This is not advisable on your early start, but you can add one service or another as part of future expansion.

Media Buying

One home-based business idea that has been around for years is media buying. Many Filipinos are still unaware of media buying because it tackles a huge amount of data and technicality.

Basically, media buying is all about buying ads and content spaces for the purpose of earning profits, reaching a target audience, or generating impressions. If you want to start this business, then you must learn how to become a media buying strategist.

Understand how SEO, PPC, SMM and digital marketing work. Once you have learned enough, you can reach out to clients and offer your expertise.

The beauty of this business is scalability. You can work with virtually any client! Also, if you have products of your own, you can buy media content opportunities to increase your sales.


While the home-based ideas discussed are feasible enough, you are free to explore all possible angles. Who knows?

Maybe you can discover a micro-niche that no one else has found!

As long as you don’t give up, your home-based business will continue to soar. So, work hard, work smart, and do not let your new home-based business get waylaid by competition!

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