Top Agribusiness Ideas in the Philippines This 2019

Top Agribusiness Ideas in the Philippines This 2019

The Philippines is still considered an agricultural country despite its advances in technology and cyberspace. It’s suffice to say that agribusiness ideas will continue to bloom in the country – even if there are challenges and hurdles caused by other industries.

Do you want to enter the Philippine agribusiness arena? Here are some suggestions that will help you get started:

Piggery Business

Known as the ‘go-to’ option of many business owners, having a piggery is similar to having a money magnet. All over the regions of the country, piggery owners have earned huge profits from the continuous growth of their businesses.

Nevertheless, owning a piggery is not an easy task. You need to take care of the piglets properly and secure the best feeds for their growth. Piglets are also fragile and they tend to succumb to various diseases.

The manpower involved can also be daunting, so you need to rent extra hands. Just start small and do not expand hastily. Pay attention to important details and your piggery business will improve.

Goat Business

The goat business is similar to a piggery in the sense that you have to be ‘hands on.’ While many would argue that piggeries earn higher than goat businesses, the potential is still undeniable.

This is especially true if you live in dense areas filled with ‘carinderias’ or small eateries. As long as you feed your goats organically and you let them out in the open every now and then, you will have remarkable results.

Poultry Farming

Raising chickens is one of the oldest and easily scalable agribusinesses in the Philippines. Well, it’s also manpower-intensive and prone to diseases.

The real trick in making a poultry farm successful is proper equipment, an efficient process, and a team of trustworthy people ready to help you.

Despite the difficulties at the start, you will have great profits and multiple products to distribute at any given instance. From there, you can expand step by step.

Herb Store

As Filipinos become more conscious about their health and wellbeing, the need for specialty herbs is undeniable. One modern example is the rising popularity of Paragis. Back then, only a few people know about this very helpful plant. But now, you can see dozens of Paragis-related products and distributors in the Web.

If you want to start a herb store, make sure that you can get an ample supply of products within a moment’s notice. It’s even better if you have your own family herb farm! Otherwise, you need a reliable herb distributor that you can always contact.

Lechon Shop

Lechon is a traditional celebratory meal that’s been around since the Spanish era (or perhaps even earlier!). Who can deny the juicy meat and crispy skin of the well-roasted lechon anyway?

Every year, the demand for lechon is too high that pig breeders will always make transactions easily. If you don’t like the grind of raising pigs, you can start a lechon shop business instead. All you need is a great location, a trustworthy pig breeder, and high-quality pig-roasting equipment. Just bear in mind that large disposable capital is needed to make a safe entry in the lechon business. You also need to determine if there’s a nearby lechon shop in your location. Stay sharp and your lechon business will definitely grow.

Onion Bulb Farming

Required in almost any Filipino meal, onions are classic products that must be placed in your agribusiness priorities.

Cultivating onion bulbs is not that difficult especially if you have a plot of land to begin with. The real advantage is that the bigger the land is, the greater your profits will be.

Garlic Farming

Just like onion farming, garlic farming has tremendous profit yields if you have a land. Perhaps one unique thing about the garlic business is the fact that you can now expand to high-demand garlic products.

Some fine examples are garlic chips, garlic bread, special garlic mixes, and other garlicky recipes. You can even help people because garlic is actually good for your health!

Potato Farming

The simple potato is a major staple in most Filipino foods. Think about Menudo, Caldereta, Adobo, Potchero, and the classic Nilaga. This makes potato as a high-demand product that can be sold in virtually any Filipino vegetable market.

Even though the product is viable, keep in mind that the barrier for entry is challenging. If you don’t have a potato farm, you need to shell expenses and find a reliable distributor. Transportation is also another hurdle that you need to fix.

Basically, your target market should include local vegetable stands and small groceries. Once you’ve dealt with the initial hurdles to potato farming, you’re good to go.

Fish Paste Business

The classic bagoong – almost every Filipino knows about this salty yet rich appetizer. There are dozens of popular fish paste variations in Philippines, and all of them have unique tastes.

If you live by the sea or you have affordable sources of fish, why not start a bagoong or fish paste business? The most popular fishes chosen for bagoong are anchovies, bonnetmouths, ponyfishes, rabbitfishes, herrings, and silver perches.

Once you have chosen a fish, you can now start the process. With the help of Youtube, you can make different variations – even if you are a beginner! Just take things slow and do not be afraid to experiment.

Honey Cultivation

Honey is an important part of the Filipino lifestyle. Though you won’t see honey often in modern households, its demand can be seen among small business owners and local food processing plants. Cultivating honey is difficult and methodical.

From raising bee farms to the actual distributing process, you need a stable process that will guarantee long-term profits. You must also understand the honey market properly or you will lose out on sales. If you’re having a hard time doing sales on your own, consider finding agents to help you out.

Also, do not forget the importance of personal branding. Find out what separates your business from other honey cultivators in the market today.

Suggestions: Organico & Harbest

Organico and Harbest are some of the big names in modern Filipino agribusiness investment today. They have been around for years, and they receive mixed reactions from the general populace.

These are some of the key points of Organico & Harbest:


  • Allows easy entry through piglet investment (approximately 3600 PHP per piglet)
  • You need to wait for 90 days before getting your ROI (6k per pig)
  • Company claims  a seamless process on breeding pigs


  • Reputable company involved with large agribusiness projects
  • Diverse product options to choose from
  • Investment rates vary on your needs, priorities, and chosen products

Before picking any company for your investment, it won’t hurt to do your research. Keep tabs of Organico and Harbest’s company updates on Facebook. This way, you will know if the investment is truly worth the catch.


The mentioned agribusiness ideas should get you rolling immediately as long as you have capital on hand. Just remember to keep your decisions as objective as possible. Learn how to interpret data so that you can minimize your mistakes and adjust accordingly. And once you are ready, dive into the agribusiness industry today!

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